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Sinusitis can cause not only inconvenience but serious discomfort or pain for Oakbrook Terrace, IL residents today. Dr. Jahangeer H. Dogar is an allergist and immunologist who is highly regarded for his ability to help patients beat problems like sinusitis.

Sinusitis Q & A

What is Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a nasal infection that occurs when the sinus tissue becomes very inflamed or swollen. This causes symptoms that can include stuffy nose, runny nose, and pain in the nose area.

What Causes Sinusitis?

The causes of sinusitis can vary. The common cold can cause the swelling that leads to sinusitis. Some people suffering from nasal polyps or from structural issues in the nose resulting in overly narrowed drainage ducts may have sinusitis. Immune system suppression, whether due to a natural deficiency or to a medication, can cause sinusitis. Children may get sinusitis after being exposed to other children who have colds or other illnesses.

When Does Sinusitis Become Chronic?

Sinusitis is considered to be medically chronic when the sufferer has symptoms for at least 12 weeks in a row. Many cases of sinusitis are acute, as they start with a cold and resolve once the person is better.

How is Sinusitis Diagnosed?

A medical history is a very useful tool in diagnosing sinusitis. Many people who suffer from sinusitis have done so for a very long time, and their description of past symptoms is important in predicting the future. The allergist will perform a physical exam, typically using an endoscope to get a good view of the interior of the nasal cavity, to form an accurate diagnosis.

What is the Sinusitis Treatment?

Sinusitis treatment can be different for each person. Some people get relief from treatments like warm compresses. The doctor may prescribe nose drops, nasal spray, steroids, antibiotics, antihistamines, antifungal medications, or some other treatment, depending on the type of sinusitis the patient is dealing with. In rare cases, the sinusitis cannot be resolved effectively without nasal surgery. The longer that a patient puts off sinusitis treatment, the more uncomfortable they will be. The allergist has effective solutions for this common problem.

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